MWMW . A Data Sculpture By Mahdi Najafi

MWMW . A Data Sculpture By Mahdi Najafi

Taking facts that happen blindly to the consideration, seemingly there is a vast range of untold stories happening every time and everywhere in our world. Definitely, it is the responsibility of a sector of the global society to explore them and publish or broadcast to the ones who have the possibility to play a role about them.
In order to represent these hidden stories, clearly, sometimes there is a necessity to visualize them in a way that they could be more and more impressive and affective.
” Data Sculptures “, are the means that have the possibilities to visualize some datas in different ways. As an accepted and simple way to define, Data Sculpture is a physical “embodiment” of data in a tangible presence, shape or form.
MWMW (MegaWatts – MegaWaste) is a data sculpture that have been designed through a clear process that has been actually the main line of the Advanced Interaction studio, which is called “Hacking Nature”.
Finding some parts of the nature which would be able to hack them in order to find a new way to connect them to each other, In this case, 2 main sectors of the whole nature has been chosen : QR codes and Sand Timers. The big idea of MWMW is to make the audiences and users aware of the huge amount of energy which have been used because of the use of internet. So, through creating a new composition of inconstant QR codes (fed by real time pieces of data) and Sand Timers’s globes, to some extent, the blinded story of “energy behind internet” would be cleared.
MWMW . Combination of digital and physical components

MWMW . Representing digital & physical data visualization

MWMW . MicroComputers & MicroControllers

MWMW . Controlled by MicroComputers & MicroControllers


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