Data in terms of structure. Part 2_TEAM 3

Box cross section Utilization Box cross section_Displacement

Parameter change – Height of beams, upper thicness and lower thickness


(deformation value: 1)

By increasing the height of the beams in the grid, the performance of the structures improves significantly. Adding thickness to the upper layer, although enhances the efficiency of that specific layer, it adds more weight to the structure, making the lower layer to fail., it only adds weight.

By the other hand, heighten the thickness of the lower layer, and keeping a medium value for the upper layer, the structure performance is seen highly improved.

This can be explained because the specific shape of the structure and the positions of the supports creates a lot of tension that the upper layer, which work on compression does not solve, so the material addition has to be invested for resisting tension.



(Deformation value: 1)

Regarding displacement, the height of the beams, as on utilization, enhances the performance. Moreover, upper and lower thickness does not seams to affect considerably the displacement values, although slightly greater deformations can be seen on lower parameters. Therefore, the deformation on the anticlastic portion of the structure can be solved by increasing the distance between the compression and tension area, which means, increasing the height of beams.


In conclusion, since the structure performance is mostly on tension, for box crossed section and for the specific structure, the most important parameters seems to be the lower thickness and the height of the beams.


circular section displacement circular section utilization

Parameter change – Diameter and Thickness of the circular cross section

In each case we’ve changed the diameter and the thickness of the circular cross section.
We can see that with decreasing values of the diameter and thickness of the circular cross section beam, the instability in the structure increases and there will be more deformation. The strength decreses
Parameter change – No of supports
In each case we’ve changed the number of supports from 12 to 6
The structure with more supports has more stability and the deformation is less
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