DIS WORKSHOP_ Folding and Counter Balance





The design idea was based on generating a shell cantilever structure with minimal foot print. For achieving this purpose multiple configuration were explored as an evolution, where each iteration was informed by the previous one. The final piece consisted in a folded structure, where the material thickness (counter balance), type and density of folds responded to local needs detected using Karamba.

00_Base analysis sheet 1 01_Base analysis sheet 2 02_first proposal 03_picture sheet-1 04_second proposal 05_second proposal-DIFF THICKNESS 06_picture sheet-2 07_second proposal-DIFF THICKNESS - WAVES 08_picture sheet-3 09_Physical models comparison 10_Last proposal_base 11_Informed Foldings + waves 12_Last proposal_base - informed foldings



14_Last proposal_Pictures and diagrams 15_Last proposal_Comparison

Team: Ji Won Jun / Ninanda Kashyap / Nohelia Gonzalez / Matteo Silverio

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