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Assignment 3_Team11_Orion Campos_Prawit Kittichanthira

In Truss Analysis Assignment, we’ve analyzed the truss from Shenzhen International Airport by Fuksas Architects by it interesting aspect of functioning like a shell, but also with main arches through the structure. We analyzed three sections of the airport, which could represent it structure: An arch with a opening, an symmetrical arch and and an [...]

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Excerise 2_Team11_Orion Campos_Prawit Kittichanthira

  Analysis The building is already extremely efficient. It is made by traditional construction bricks which are generated from two lines and three cosine curves, two of them in the XY plane and the top one in the XZ plane. The utilization graphs show how smart the form is, since the roof, which is the [...]

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1st Exercise

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2nd Exercise / Group 11 – Orion and Prawit

Maximum and Minimum Values: Type of subdivision/displacement(cm) (white to pink)/utilization 100 (red to blue)/utilization 25 75 (red to blue) triangular A/-2.97e-04 to 2.97e+04/-341448% to 322528%/-172849% to 155581% diamondond/-3.27e-03 to 3.27e+05/-471273% to 487941%/-236031% to 255086% quads/-2.00e-04 to 2.00e+04/-216497% to 220479%/-105539% to 110608% Squads/-7.71e-03 to 7.71e+05/-985081% to 963943%/-494696% to 488547% triangular B/-1.80e-03 to 1.80e+05/-427035% to 565655%/-178818% to 322524% hexagonal/-1.38e-03 to [...]

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