DWN kitchen. Day 8

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Mycology_ living architecture

Mycology: Mycoforestry – Mycofiltration – Mycotectonics


A Metabolic design is a set od interralated processes that allows growth, reproduction, etc.
It is understood as a closed cycle of mutual interralationship of the componets, able to recreate again and again, constantly changing, evoluting.
A Metabolic design should be resilient, self-sufficient, part of our living system.

Space – Time -  Matter – Energy – Information


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Design with Nature. Final. The System.

In our last blog post we have to explain everything, what we’ve gone through during this long 6 months; all of the ideas, which were expressed and discussed and led us to something new, to show the whole logic and sometimes not chain of thoughts someone, who can use our progress for further researching.

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Aeon original means ‘life’ or ‘being’, though it then intended to mean ‘age’ in the sense of ‘time’, ‘forever’ or ‘eternity’

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Food is one of the basic needs of every human being. Not long ago it was effortful to obtain food, now we can get products from all over the world in our supermarkets. Almost 30% of the world‘s population are overweight, and at the same time 2 billion people are hungry or eat unhealthy food. Agriculture and cities have always been bound together since the beginning of civilization. Mesopotamia, widely considered to be the cradle of civilization in the west is the best example. By 3000 b.c. Egyptian and mesopotamian farmers developed the world‘s first large-scale irrigation system. Nowadays 38.6% of the world‘s land area is agricultural, while undeveloped and unmodified land is 46.5%. Countries with higher commercial land agricultural area tend to have a high rate of deforestation. This is due to the fact that the main driver of deforestation is agricultural land allotment. Also, nearly half of the crops grown are used as food for animals. Read More »

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