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MALDIVE ISLAND | SANDY BEACHES | WATER BUNGALOW ? MALE’ CITY | CONGESTION | WATER CRISIS ?         Male’ City – The capital of Maldives          www.obofili.com Male’ is the capital city of the Maldives, a nation made up of over a thousand islands and completely surrounded by water. [...]

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Collision between public and private sector of the built environment professionals

Collision Between Public And Private Sector Of The Built Environment Professionals

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Economics in Economies

Beginning I believe architecture is the most mature and advanced form of human ingenuity. The timeless appeal of architecture transcends cultures and generations. Historical eras and civilizations can clearly be identified by their distinct architectural patterns, which serve as icons of a bygone era. Economy is the biggest driving force in architecture. Buildings reflect the [...]

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faster – higher – costlier

In a time after the big financial crisis of the western world and in global economic and social insecurity huge international sports events face numerous problems and public critique. Already Caesar in ancient Rome knew that panem et circenses are an efficient way to maintain people busy and distracted. It was a fix social event [...]

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The Economics of Sustainabolity

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