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Embracing with Water before get soaked


Thailand, the country with the water, going back to the history of Thai culture, people live with the water or we can say “embracing with water”, everybody would like to build their own properties on the river banks not only because of the passive cooling that can turn the temperature of the house become cooler but also economic issue that the market transactions are happened around this particular area. There are full of typical Thai architecture such as raft houses, which could be adapted for practical use in city planning for communities along river banks. Most citizens take a benefit from river as the marketing channel to sell their products along the river which have the interaction between the habitat and the merchant created “Community” in each node of the city. If we zoom out to see macro-economic of Thailand, the main economy that driven Thailand for so long is “Agricultural”. Rice becomes the primary exporting products to overseas and Thailand is the number one country of world that export rice with much amount of quantities plus quality because of the soil and the weather and the water that make the farmer can crop the quality rice as we can see that Thailand economy and Thai society are always relevance with the water. Read More »

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