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G04-Hacking Torre Baro

    A study of the orography, the elevated terrain of Torre Baro. The Orographic precipitation, also known as relief precipitation, is generated by a forced upward movement of air upon encountering a physiographic upland. This is resulted by the anabatic or upward vertical propagation of warm moist air up an orographic slope caused by daytime heating [...]

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Growing Tensegrity

The modular Tensegrity structure will be hanging over the site and develops as the plants grow. The transforming factor is in the weight of the plants. The structure will be located in the Torre Baró Energy District in Barcelona. Material System The structure of the project is based on tensegrity, it contains isolated opposable structural [...]

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Torre Baró Food Jungle


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G3 – Controlled Rotation

  Our project was developed on two basic aspects. One was the understanding of the site, the area of Torre Barò in the surrounding, through the analysis of the humidity, and the other was the form finding process. In this case, the aim was to speculate on the most functional shape.We used strings to understand how it [...]

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G1_Peripatetic Concatenation_Final

Manifest Utilising an incorporative system, consisting of various inputs, can result in exceptional efficiency when attempting to generate an effective yield of a product. Coupling the potential flexible functionality of an aeroponic growth system with the passive manipulation of heat movement creates an ideal environment for many varying cultivars. To achieve the most efficient form [...]

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