Sonic Water #4 (the story with brainwave sensor)

From the very beginning I had the idea to use a brainwave sensor as an input. I was very interested in the Alpha and beta waves. Both of they have reciprocal effect on each other. One is responsible for relax state of mind and the other one for attention.

Lucky a came across this great tutorial. Which shows how to hack a brainwave toy, connect it with ardurino and visualize it’s data in processing. Here is the link.

unclemilton_starwarstheforcetrainer   IMG_5883


Here is the video

hacking a brainwave sensor from Arfurqan on Vimeo.




Here is the final intended idea.



The problem with this sensor is the signal stability. It very rare the the signal is stable, but lucky for the time it was stable we were able to make that video.


<<<<screenshot of signal red>>>>>


Then I got another brainwave sensors From university of UB. The department of Psychology were able to lent me a brainwave sensor ( Thanks to Alfonso).

<<<<image of the brain sensor>>>>

<<< screenshot>>>>

Thanks to David we were able to connect it with MAX-MAP, but it only give junk values. This brainwave sensor uses it’s own software to visualize the data and naturally the values from the sensor send to software via Bluetooth are encrypted. We need to decrypt these values. to make send out of it. A third party software is unable to do that.




So as how much I had wished It’s looks like i won’t be able to use the brainwave sensor for input. I would love see the full level of these brainwave sensors. But maybe NEXT TIME!!!!




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