Barcelona travel time map

Final presentation for the bootcamp: a poster + interactive map of the Barcelona subway that shows time instead of distances.

Interactive version and more info here.

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It’S AAa juNGle!!!!!

So what it all about!


The idea is to experience the Wild in a urban space not in a visual way, but in a acoustical manner.

We live in cities and we will die in cities. Such is the nature of modern human life. The time before became an urban dweller. Man was in tune with nature. Man was able to feel and listen the wild variety of animals, hence open a dialogue between him and his wild worlds.

•            This sound installation is a reflection of that. The aim is to open a meaningful dialogue man and his fellow inhabitant of earth.


The location for the project is the metro intersection in Placa Catalunya.


So As you see in the diagram below. Every person how enters is assigned  a sound of  an animal based upon the color of his cloths. So as the person is approaching the center of the space the sound played on speakers would get louder and louder, and when he exits it the sound is gone. If he reenters it. he or she would be assigned a different sound.

Here is a video sample at work.

final video from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

We would not play the same kind of animals over and over again. There is an element of time. The diagram below explains it.

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FM continues…

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Unravelling project scenario:
Knit a wearable overall made as one-piece-knit,
easy to unravel. Use the fluorescent yarn for knitting
the overall.

One-day-One-night action:
Wear the overall during the sunny day in order to
allow the fabric to absorb the sun light. During the
night attach the loose end of the knit to a fixed object
on the street then walk away and let the overall
unravel, leaving the glowing trace behind you.
Walk around the city for as long as you need and let
the knitted overall unravel and disappear completely.

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(G) for Generator

In what ways can we capture or record our walk in the city or in nature?

Small, portable DIY devices, capable of recording, capturing and transforming the
kinetic energy produced during the movement and transform it into the AC voltage,
generated by spinning or shifting neodymium or ferrite magnet inside the copper
wire coil. Read More »

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