close to the body studio first week. Embracing bow

It is about motion and experience of sensations. And controlling them with the body. Tightly weaved knit on the shoulders frames and gives sense of assistance. On the contrary fragile net on arms allows to sense surroundings with skin and fingertips. The bow responds to the motion and creates slightly different space for the body to note environment you are in.


Day one. Experiencing activities in Valldaura. Playing, communicating, exchanging, mixing, getting new features to our own experience. Starting from abstract individual motions and combining them with movements of others , building and finding common points. Quick intuitive prototyping. Converting experience into first physical objects.

Day two. Finding out groups. Discussing how to translate movements and sensations experienced in Valldaura  into physical form. Finally we agreed that our core idea is to feel diverse sensations of fabric through movements of the body. Garment should be tool which highlights it. Making first prototypes. Glove with different types of fabrics inside, fabric simulating animal’s skin, weaved and flexible fabric.

Day three. Searching more ways how to express the idea. Next step which we agreed was to create solid garment which mantles shoulders and hands. It frames movements and allows feeling atmosphere with skin through the texture of the garment. First prototype was made using flexible jersey tube with cut out holes for fingers.

Day four. Improving prototype. To create solid and aesthetically appealing garment we decided to use knitting technique. Jersey bands were used as threads. Elastic textile conforms and reflects to the body motions. Stripes used as threads were cut in different width and allows to create dynamic texture of knitted fabric.

Day five. Final fixes and project presentation. Finding perfect place for shooting video in Valldaura. We chose open landscape with blossoming tree. Fragile, temporar, sensible, close to the nature. Wind, sun, shadows, net of graceful branches.

tutors testing the prototype

project made by: Gerda Antanaityte, Sara Gil, Cristina Real, Gerard Rubio
photos and videos: Oscar Tomico, Gerard Rubio, Gerda Antanaityte

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