About the Open Thesis Fabrication Program

In design, architecture and many other disciplines, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) fabrication equipment has given designers unprecedented means for executing formally challenging projects directly from the computer. By surpassing the limitations imposed by manufacturing systems based on standardization, the impact of these technologies has fundamentally challenged the paradigm of production, thus opening a wide field of research and experimentation practices and unimaginable design opportunities.

In this new context, IAAC has been a leading academic institution by incorporating these technologies as part of its research agenda and work environment with a Fab-Lab that is equipped with several large scale CNC machines (laser cutters, CNC Milling Machines, 3D printers, etc) and spaces for prototyping in a large industrial warehouse setting. Since its creation, IAAC’s potential for fabrication experiments has been largely explored, yet it was fully demonstrated with the development of the world-acknowledged 1:1 prototype of the Solar House (Solar Decathlon, 2010), which was entirely produced within its own facilities.

With the intention to continue this agenda, in 2010 IAAC launched a 16-week intensive research program for individual participants called OPEN THESIS FABRICATION (OTF). Given the successful results of the first edition, reviewed by renowned architects and expressed by both participants and industrial partners, IAAC presents OTF 2.0 from Sept to Dec, 2011.

Learn more about applying for the Open Thesis Fabrication program, here.

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