SELF – ADAPTIVE MEMBRANE _ A passive kinetic system

Self-adaptive Membrane1

The Self-Adaptive membrane is as totally passive and kinetic system that allows the expansion on a geometry that automatically responds to the natural increase of heat of the environment. Many systems available in the market use motors and sensors to conserve energy expended on cooling and heating, however these systems require electricity to operate. Our research is based on the use a thermo responsive smart material: Shape Memory Alloy and the exploit of its full capacities to achieve a passive performance.

Team: Nohelia Gonzalez / Shreyas More


Self-adaptive Membrane2Self-adaptive Membrane3Self-adaptive Membrane4Self-adaptive Membrane5   Self-adaptive Membrane7Self-adaptive Membrane8Self-adaptive Membrane10Self-adaptive Membrane13     Self-adaptive Membrane14Self-adaptive Membrane15Self-adaptive Membrane16Self-adaptive Membrane17Self-adaptive Membrane18Self-adaptive Membrane19      Self-adaptive Membrane20Self-adaptive Membrane21  Self-adaptive Membrane22Self-adaptive Membrane23  Self-adaptive Membrane24Self-adaptive Membrane25  Self-adaptive Membrane26  Self-adaptive Membrane27 Self-adaptive Membrane28Self-adaptive Membrane29  Self-adaptive Membrane30Self-adaptive Membrane31Self-adaptive Membrane32Self-adaptive Membrane33Self-adaptive Membrane34     Self-adaptive Membrane35Self-adaptive Membrane36


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