FABRIcFLATION _ structuring textile techniques


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The  Urban platform is a constantly evolving phenomenon of the modern cityscape. Being the infrastructure of the arts, informal performace deserves a structure that can be as flexible and fleeting as program it accomodates. Pneuhertz is an air supported structure that inhales to assume a predetermined form and acoustic quality to match its user requirement. It exhales to leave a folded footprint of fabric.

The system is a network of interlocking air pockets of tpu nylon that are restrained by a series of variable resistance bands. The internal air channels are  to change the absorptive and reflective properties of the structure to resist or allow the propagation of waves. The structure contributes to the static and dynamic nature of sound in its translation from deflated to inflated states Read More »

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Soft Skin I Ceren Temel, Farah Alayeli, Lubna Alayeli, Nina Jotanovic

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Soft Skin is a research project that investigates possibilities of using airinflation in architecture, as an active response to constantly changing parameters in environment. The Skin is a new composite material made of thin layers of flexible silicone rubber and elastic fabric. Material system consists of series of inflatable cells combined in groups, which could be inflated or deflated to change form and appearance. This tunable topography responds to real time data of wind and light. These two parameters determine behavior of the skin that responds with different air pressures inside the system.

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