Virtualine – Final Submission

A physical environment responding to a web based activity.



Our world is actually a World Wide Web. The world is connected by masses of internet cables, that keep the information or data flowing from one part of the world to the other. Fiber optic cables connect people all over the world. These optics not only connects  the world but also creates such a complexity that the basic meaning of interaction throughout the world can be modified and controlled instantly. We all leave so much data but we are always unaware of where these data adds up or what traces of data we leave behind with our everyday activities.

The amount of data created daily is unimaginable. All this data lasts forever and leaves a data trace. The Big Data is the concept of such behaviour. Thus, we need to be aware of these data traces we leave behind. Creating data is not wrong. But we have to be aware of where and what data we leave behind. The idea is to make a statement suggesting that whatever activity one leaves on Internet has an effect on someone else‘s environment.

The online world that we all live in now is actually underwater and somewhat invisible. The idea of the physical installation is to create a space out of fiber optics and also to bring in the sense of this unseen world.

data pattern

fiber optics testing

milling the pattern


Detail for Fiber optics

Website link to projects:!services/cee5


A Project by:

Jayant Khanuja / Zunabath Abdul Majid


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