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PDC Day 9

The topic of the day was social permaculture. Bioregionalism is the unit of self-sufficiency. We cannot be self-sufficient at the household level. In a bioregion, people have different skills (dentist, construction, farmers,…) The size is 100-10000 people. A city has several bioregions: the association of residents as informal networks. Our aim is: a stable bioregion [...]

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PDC Day 8

We started the day speaking about disasters, which are extreme negative events that affect a whole community. Following the ethics, we should: save lives first, then property make full disaster plans use precautionary principle: if there may be a risk, it will certainly happen Our design aims are: to reduce extent or intensity to endure [...]

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PDC Day 7

Today we talked about the Zone 4. it’s the zone where we put the restorative forest. The products of this forest can be summarized with the seven F’s: food, fuel, fodder, fruits, flowers, fibers, and fertilizers. In permaculture, 40% of the site should be under forest cover, either productive forest, or untouched forest (zone 5). [...]

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