Introductory Design Studio_ Barcelona 0 Emissions

Neighborhood: Barrio_2: La Pau, Besos, Provenca de Poble Nou

Students:  Saiqa Iqbal,   Nidhi Shah

MAA, 2010-2011

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Interpreting the Map

The mapping can be interpreted into dual purpose:

_to visualize the volume of the pollution,

_at the same time it is giving a potential design image emerging out of the real time data

The effort was given not to propose a 0 emission city rather to take the existing situation as a challenge not only to balance co2 by absorption but also to explore the potential of it. So the main target was to balance the environment by introducing a technological design solution which will reduce Co2 and can produce renewable energy out of the Co2 produced in transportation sector.

The Proposal

_ the aim is to propose an interactive mesh which will work as a tool to measure the real time co2 emission which varies time to time. This mesh can work as an absorber of the shifting amount of co2 emission interacting with the number of vehicles as multiple agents acting as swarm.

Design approach

_ The approach is driven by a machinic process which Self organizes, bifurcates and produces ever-changing emergent results. A bottom-up systemic process is followed to produce an emergent effect.

_the intension is to make a shift in the process of getting energy from a distance source to a locally produced energy source. One of our primary goals was to use the recent technology to create a machinic beauty which will introduce a paradigm of the effect of being amidst a forest merged with the busy thoroughfare of urban life.

Formation of the Mesh

_ an interactive mesh is formed using the points corresponding to the realtime co2 emission by the vehicles. The mesh is thought to be consisting of flexible members forming quadrangles joined by the points which will work as sensors to track the vehicles according to the amount of co2 emission.

_ as a result a mesh emerges which is continually changing with the number of vehicles acting as multiple agent.

_ the mesh is consisted of green algae which capture co2 and produce renewable energy, bio fuel and hydrogen.

The Technology used

_the members of the mesh are made of transparent acrylic coils containing water and green algae. Algae can absorb over 2 million tons of co2 a year per acre.  The photosynthesis process of the algae requires co2 in the front end and it releases biofuel and hydrogen at the back end. So these devices will work to remove co2 from the environment and simultaneously produce renewable energy and thus work as a local energy generator.

_ Algae have the potential to yield greater volume of biofuel per acre of production than other biofuel sources. it can yield more than 2000 gallons of fuel per acre per year of production. Algae used to produce biofuel are highly productive. as a result large quantities of algae can be grown quickly.

_the structure incorporates a system (invented by OriginOil, los angeles) which allows to continue operation in darkness through the use of helix of lights inside each algae tube. These lights can be triggered by low sunlight, so that at dusk the cells will began to turn on. (case study_ Perth Photobioreactor, EMERGENT, Tom Wiscombe)

_at night, the mesh will form a kaleidoscope of colored light and glowing algae performing as an interactive street installation which also work as street light for the passersby.

_ the electricity required for this lighting is provided by the thin film solar transistor embedded in transparent polycarbonate cells which are charged during day.

Design Studio_ Interactive Urban Forest

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