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Introductory Design Studio_ Barcelona 0 Emissions

Neighborhood: Barrio_2: La Pau, Besos, Provenca de Poble Nou Students:  Saiqa Iqbal,   Nidhi Shah MAA, 2010-2011 Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Interpreting the Map The mapping can be interpreted into dual purpose: _to visualize the volume of the pollution, _at the same time it is giving a potential design image emerging out of the [...]

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Mapping Traffic Density_ in terms of CO2 Emission

As transportation is a major source of co2 emission and as the given barrio is in between a very busy traffic thoroughfare in terms of traffic, so the real time co2 emissions by the vehicles are mapped to get an overall view of emissions in the nodes. The co2 emission is represented by a contoured [...]

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