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Imports and exports of oranges in Spain (visualization of quantities per countries)
Studied biggest imports and exports in Spain and focused on fresh oranges in which Spain is one of the major exporters in Europe. Patterns are influenced from the contemporary need of the consumers of year long supply of all the products. Moreover we studied the irrigation system of orange fields mainly focusing in Valencia.

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Hydropolitical Borders

Our objective for the workshop was to work at macro scales, collecting first, information about the distribution of the different basins and aquifers on the Mediterranean, and second, the policy of land distribution. Overlaying this two data layers we identify incongruencies between the geopolitical territorial distribution and the distribution of water, which hinders the supply and generates many conflicts between nations.

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Fiber Follows Shed

The main task was mapping the telecommunication cables in the bathymetry of the Mediterranean to have a better understanding of the information transfer between continents and to comprehend the form of this dynamic flow in fiber cables which respond to the complexity of the Mediterranean bathymetry.

The first step was milling two experimental models on foam for the bathymetry and the water body of the Mediterranean.  After that, we started to map the fiber cables which owned by fifty five different telecommunication companies and which separated to two main groups: cables work for big scale connecting continents like SeaMeWe-3 ..etc. and the second group works between two countries or small scale only. Then the final step of the workshop was to represent this dynamic relation in a bigger scale and self explanatory model.

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Barcelona underground wastewater

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