Les Tres Torres -22

The Herbarium / Les Tres Torres, Barcelona

The project questions the limits of atmospheric quality for the capacity of communal healing. Attempts are made through the prioritisation of plant life as a source of alternative medicines and a multi-functional unit in sustainable urbanism. The premise lies in the diversication of its functionality.

Whilst man and animal have relied on the medicial effects of plant life from the neolithic period, the full potential of using space and atmosphere as a medium has never truly been explored. Certain plants such as valerian, black elder, and dandelion have a variety of effects that are not only acquired in direct ingestion of the flower or leaves but in inhaling aroma as well. With proper treatment medicinal plants can be crushed and sieved, mixed with a neutral solution and infused through air to achieve similar results to that of ingestion.

Using water molecules present in atmosphere as a transient medium, it is possible then to compress these aroma infusions throughout space in the form of vapor. This vapor is then controlled using a thermal field of hot and cold bi-poles which in physical terms creates a convection current hence distributing it into areas of high need.
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