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Telecommuting City

Based on Sant Andreu’s block specific characteristics and diagnosis, the team proposes turning ground floor closed or unused garages into emergent businesses and office spaces that redefines and transforms the urban context of the Superblock.

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intelligent recycling

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Fluid City

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Plug & Play

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Our strategy is based on trying to develop a hypothetical balance, improving the quality of life in the superblock without affecting the tourist activity, which is the economic base of the center.

We have managed to identify three areas of action directed to enhance the living standards of the citizens, which could be intervene to make a big difference:

The implementation of new means for channeling the tourist activity.

New strategies to redistribute the light inside the superblock, considering solutions that could be applied today; and solutions that contemplate the future evolution of the superblock and the life cycle of buildings.

Automated systems of garbage collection, where the garbage is not placed anymore on the streets, but in a centralized collection system, eliminating the noise and pollution generated by the garbage collection trucks trying to navigate and maneuver through the narrow streets of the Gothic.

See the full presentation here.

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