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Designing Associativity | The Tremolant Sprawl

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[Designing Associativity] Castillo Francisco, Malaga Peter, Angelou Georgios

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A2.Track Yourself

[Designing Associativity_Geolocated] Castillo Francisco, Malaga Peter, Priyanka Narula,Georgios Angelou

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Visualizing Hemp Behaviour

Aim of the first Designing Associativity exercise is to develop graphic, visualizing re-presentation of hemp seeds germination mapping  ( project developed on Research Studio – Digital Tectonics / Fabrication Ecologies ).

Laboratorial Germination Apparatus investigates comparative technique which displays different conditions for hemp seeds germination. Each Petri dish has diverse environmental conditions based on different temperature, humidity etc. ( dish covers are perforated with different density patterns ) as well as on different amount of added nutrition elements. Environmental condition was measured with sensors and readed via arduino and basic data table was created. Afterwards extracted basic Data list was inserted to the grasshopper definition ( Firefly ).

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