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“First we shape our buildings, then they shape us” [Winston Churchill, 1943]

When designing any random building we are indeed designing our future for they direct and manipulate the way in which we engage with our social values, educational, commercial and spiritual needs. Cities have always been a source of attraction for people living in suburbs and villages, and im­migration has increased dramatically through the years making the amount of people living in the cities ascend from 10% in 1900, to 50 % in 2012 and 75% later in 2050; making each city a coin with two contradicting faces, the touristic smart face, and the social crises one. Blinded by the first face, people curiosity always encourage them to seek for more when it comes to better chances in life, making this city a large exhibition where designing buildings has become a competition between so­me brands or some fake modern pioneers seeking fame and declining “The Human Quality” the city should possess, focusing on the best ways to create a building that can be considered a “work of art” or the tallest building in the century depriving it from its surrounding in many cases.

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