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Mobility Flows RESPONSIVE Megacity

In order to begin with the creation of a Megacity, we took as our case study Mexico City and its chaotic transportation systems, along with the the concepts of collective behavior, swarm intelligence and patterns, that we read in the book “Emergence” by Steve Johnson. When observing the problematic of Mexico City’s mobility  flows, we found they behave in similar ways to fluids.  We localized 4 configurations of the city – grid, random, linear, radial – and , through a simple experiment, we could compare mobility flows to fluids behaviors in the presence of boundaries.

to see videos of the experiment go to

After analyzing these behaviors we thought of working with a digital tool that allow us see the free patterns of fluids. We worked with a Turing Pattern processing script that clearly shows the interaction of fluids in two different densities and with opposite properties that in terms of urban configurations could be translated as the boundary and the open space. The organic patterns show the natural way fluids – or mobility – behaves.

Our machine for the creation of the megacity was AMIRA. It is a software mainly use for visualizing biomedical data but in our case, it help us shape the city by taking moments of the transformation of the patterns from the processing script and put them together into a three-dimensional model.

to see videos go to

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