Bio-Mimiking Facade

Bio-Mimiking Facade Panel reflects a hydroskeletal structure. This modification, movement and characteristics of the volume, gives control over external forces and exerts them inside. The use of an IQ based material ‘nitinol’, prevent random behaviours and cleared the pattern of architecture.

Bio_Mimiking Facade video

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Algae bio reactor tank


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Responsive Iris Window

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The checkered illusion facade consists of 18 pairs of black and white wings. Each pair rotates simultaneously around the same axis, which passes through their point of intersection at the bottom part of the wings, but in the opposite direction. The facade is divided in 5 rows, the 3 of which have 4 pairs and the 2 have 3 pairs of wings.  Each row is controlled by a mechanism behind the plexiglass surface, that connects the black wings to one stick and the white ones to another and moreover, the sticks are connected to gears, attached to  10 analog servos. The servos are activated by 5 light sensors, one for each row,giving them the capacity to move independently.

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FunkyStrobe_Dulce Luna_Juan Diego Ardila_Iker Luna_Vincent Huyghe

Funky strobe, its the name of our module facade made out of 200 UV LEDS that change frequency according to the infrared proximity sensor that can measure the distance of the person,  when you get closer you can look the fluorescent water effect  changing into spheres suspended in the air.

Funky Strobe – Responsive Frame

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