Physical Computing Fundamentals is a 24 hours subject for IAAC‘s Master in Advance Architecture
Teacher: Alex Posada from  MID

Alex Posada works in interaction design as a researcher and lecturer on several MA and postgraduate courses and has lead many workshops focused on art and interaction technologies in different countries. After finishing his studies in engineering, he moved to Barcelona to work in cultural and multimedia art projects. He carried out his first works with local artists and musicians, for whom he developed technological tools for art works and performances. Since 2006 he has been the director and co-ordinator at Hangar’s Interaction Lab -a key multimedia art production centre in Barcelona. Also, he develops projects as an independent multimedia producer and currently works with different collectives and creative groups such as Dorkbot Barcelona, PlayModes, Fab Lab Barcelona and Telenoika. Alex Posada is also the founder of the studio Media Interactive Design (MID).