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[Re]phemeral | Intelligent Social Urbanism


Contemporary situational movements such as the makers revolution, do-it-yourself projects and social media integration have re-invented the paradigm of social production, bringing into question the added value of the top-down intelligence of architects. This project enforces that the role of the architect is not becoming obsolete, but that it is changing in coherence with the shift towards this model of distributed intelligence.

[Re]phemeral refers to an architecture which is based in ephemerality and collective intelligence. The architecture of [re]phemorality exhibits the capacity to respond to live data recorded through temporary installation, thus defining a participatory urbanism whose functional manifestation is a reflection of the constantly changing dynamics of the future city.

Video from the final term presentations of RS-I: Emergent Territories / Radical Region on June 20th, 2014


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MAYA Workshop “Digital Surgery” : Broström Procedure

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