1st Assignment – Digitizing: Capturing the world

123D Catch model


STEP 1   digitizing

Digitizing was done with 123D Catch software. Various qualities of the 3D model were obtained, due to differences in number of photographs submitted, complexity of objects geometry and time of the day. The least good results were consequence of over exposure on the material (shiny surfaces) and shadowed, hidden parts of objects. For these reasons, digitizing of the objects was done several times, but still as we were taking picture in urban environment it was impossible to completely control the light and the background, and certain lacks can be seen in 123D mesh models. Despite, all these lack nesses of the software, it was extremely useful to study the geometry of the object we want to capture and to measure it directly on 3D model.


object A

123D problems

Number of photographs – 30

Problems – Because of the small thickness of main part of the object, and reflections on its surface. Lower part unsuccessful because of the similar background.


object B

123D mesh

Number of photographs – 28

Problems – Lower part of the object because of the same color of the element and the background.


object C

123D model

Number of photographs – 55

Problems – Hidden parts of the object, too close to the background surface.Complex surface with many small pieces blended with background as a texture.



STEP 2   rhino modeling

object A

real world object

Main part of the model was done by contouring the existing 123D mesh, converting it into Planar Surface, extruding the surface, and at the end using Fillet Edge if needed.

rhino modeling strategyrhino modeling a

modeling strategy                                                                    final model


object B

real world object photo

This object was done similar as previous one. Only on this one some elements of solids were used and then boo leaned with other objects. Besides extruding, surfaces were made by Loft, and then turned into meshes in order to be adjusted.

123D Catch _ Rhinorhino detail


final model                                                                            detail


object C

real world photo object

This object was modeled with surfacing tools, but in parallel comparison with some solid elements. First base geometry was constructed as tracemarks for the more complex surface assembled of many small parts.

trace markspark furniture 1

base geometry as trademarks                                           final geometry

park furniture 2

final model



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