Assignment 1- Digitizing a urban object

texture.bulleanprocessimagen hidrante1

Our first approach to an object was a chair, but we had several problems; we started scanning the object with our cellphone and it was really slow, after this we noticed that the chair had lots of perforations, it was not a solid element and it was difficult to scan. The light was not good, we made our scan at 12 in the afternoon, and it created many shadows, and because of this the object becomes difficult to understand.


Our second approach was successful. We decided to scan a solid object, and do it with the 123 Catch but in our computer, so we took many photos with our camera at 5 pm and then passed them to the program and everything work much better this way. We imported the file to rhino and started with the mesh tool, we noticed it was much more difficult this way, we didn’t had the knowledge to mold it that way. After all we decided to make our element from scratch, we started building each piece at a time and then putting them together, and our final object was nice.



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