capturing the world: stone statue


The object I chose is a historical stone statue located in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona. The fine and smooth geometry of this object fascinated me straight away.
I experimented with the desktop version of Autodesk 123 Catch, as well as with the online version and the mobile version.Finally I used the mobile app because the generated mesh of my object was the most convincing.
For the Rhino modeling I also used the photos I shot in addition to the 3D mesh downloaded from 123D Catch.
As the generated 3D mesh had really poor quality it was quite difficult to figure out the actual geometry of the statue. Reviewing the photos helped me to  understand the mesh and remodel the shape of the statue.
I started modeling the base, working upwards to the corpus. I used one layer for reference lines in order to have a clean separated model. As a final step I added the top of the sculpture which is decorated with an assortment of stony fruits.


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