Assignment 3, Game project in Unity 3D


1st STEP:

Exported model as OBJ file with adding following settings:
-          Saved as “Polygon mesh”
-          Selected “Map Rhino Z to OBJY”
Terrain and objects were exported separately.

2nd STEP:

-          Created a New Project in Unity 3D with Character Controller selected.
-          In Import Settings for site mesh used “Generate colliders” to make first person controller not to fall through it.
-          Imported models as new assets.


3rd STEP:

-          Created sky by Importing Package “Skybox”. In Render Setup chose Skybox Material.


-          Added Directional Light and turned on “Hard Shadows”.


-          Created First Person Controller and put it above the terrain.


4th STEP:

Created materials, changed its properties in the Inspector. Applied materials to model, by dragging it from the Project View to objects


5th STEP:

-          Imported Tree Creator and added Big Tree in scene.
-          Imported Terrain Assets and added Palm in scene.
-          Changed scale of some trees.


 6th STEP:

Saved game by pressing “Build and Run”.  Game is ready for play! :)


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