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Assignment 3 – Gamify

1. First step is to export the project from rhino into Unity 3D.           While exporting Map Rhino Z to OBJ Y and Rhino object names as OBJ objects should be selected. 2. Importing the terrain and model as .obj file into unity 3d. 3. Creating directional light and first person controller. Placing the character [...]

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Assignment – 2 Geolocation

Geolocation: Food Forest Team: Adhitya Rathinam, John Koshy Assignment: Geolocation – Food Forest Using Google Earth: Location of the project in google earth saved as an image. Rhino and Grasshopper: Importing the image saved from Google Earth into rhino. Using the grasshopper to divide the surface and Flatten the panel. Using ghowl plugin to enable [...]

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