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Pictures of the house with the piece of plywood, galvanized wall  in closed area has always be  seen in My country.

There are many Slums which is located at the centric area in Bangkok.All settle in strategic position- Only a few metro stops from Bangkok’s luxurious malls and five-star hotels of the city center, The most important one is Klong Toey, where Bangkok hides its slum in the same district with luxurious malls, expat bars, high-end hotels, parks and its Stock Exchange. The absolutely differences between each side of that single wall.

Located on a plot of land belonging to the Port Authority of  Thailand, the Klong Toey slum, one of the country’s 5,500 slum communities, covers an area of around a square mile and is home to around 100,000 people.

Around 20 percent of Bangkok’s residents live in illegal squatter settlements all around the city. Dating back from the 1950s, Klong Toey is one of the country’s oldest and most well-known slums. Many inhabitants of Klong Toey originate from the country’s poorer northeast who have been attracted by the work opportunities of the district’s river port, Bangkok’s largest wet market, the business district as well as the oil refineries in nearby districts. Aside from poverty, drug addiction is a very pressing problem among the slum’s youth. Furthermore, basic amenities such as water and electricity are always in short supply.

In the past,the government tried to clear the slum away and created a new area but it’s not successful because of people’s behavior.So,they came back for working in industrials in the city center and still have stayed in Slum. This problem in Thailand very hard to solve because of when the government needs to move them.The slum community will againts by provide many conditions to the government.Such as The new place must near the slum,The new rent must same the last price.And now,All slum in Thailand very strong because of they are collect all member to a community in that area.So you can see all slums cal l”Chumchon” (small community instead of slum). However,we try to find solution of the community in a better approach . From the social community,it  looked like the cancer of the city which needed to be cut .But I think we should understand more about these people as a result of the development . Slum dwellers as small gears which supporting  the people who are employed in the city. Workers in Economy is encouraging people in the system , which are inseparable . Looking at how the transition to a new format , this is the ideal solution for solving the problem,not  shoving out but  coexist with.

At the present time,Factories in Bangkok was expanded to suburbs so many workers moved to the area near by.Middle class people are supported by these people.City-wide development process covers all communities in the city,the center spread to everywhere and being developed at the same time.

There are many projects were set for this district by coperated with private company

1. Museum, Convention Center and Conference Center

2. Transportation Terminal

3. River Front Promenade and Development ( Single roof go along-pararell to the River )

4. 90 Storey 1st Land Mark Tower : usage as Office, Hotel and Obsservation

5. 2nd Land marks, shorter than the first tower and will be built on both side of SundhornKosa Road as The gate way to the complex which will be connected to Ratchadapisek Road

6. Residential community , school, hospital, telecommunication and security

7. carefully urban planned, such as height restriction on curtain area and land Plot Ratio to create most fortunated living area in Thailand.



I agree with blending both of them slum and urban can remain together,but in which way? Is this underbelly area ,why not we look for another aspect? For example,Slum Klong Toey,it’s located in the city center,near by the metro ,near many tourist attractions and port  which is logistic area, and new green space” Bangajao” where settled in the other side of the river we can go there by using the port near Klong Toey slum.Moreover,There are slum tour in Klong toey for biking through this path.You will see the place around including the market,seeing the culture of this area, homestay,and cooking class.It’s  a famous program for the tourist.Why? Because here has something spacial not only in Klong Toey but also in all slum area.You will see the creative things which happened here by folk wisdom in the cheap and simple way ,how they can adapt themselves,tourist will discover many creative and art things. “The way people live has been aestheticised here as an object of curiosity to contemplate.” Phil America in his re-created Thai slum PR. They will see  the way of life from the past , still stays and becomes strong, bringing about  characteristic of space. Many people not only Thai but also Foreigners come and try to research this area for developing.

In my opinionThe effective way is the one that people in slum interacted with the space.For instance,Case studio study area development  by asking children to draw whatever they need in the site area such as the size of the playground , pool, and library.If you just put everything together without related people and architecture it will be a banal. What everyone agreed on was the fact that the work was in no way conclusive, that this is only a beginning towards a participatory learning and design process. What was given was no pre-formulated answer, but a way to questions their way towards some answers, allowing them to re-examine the role of architects in community development field.



When this area is getting boom that make government and people interested in developing the area near by such as Bangajao (green space at the border of bangkok),a few year ago nobody knew this place but nowadays, everybody know it. The government, investors, architects, urbanists pay attention to this place,plan a proposal ,find the problem and try to solve it.That’s a good way but after this Will it work or not? because the area will be developed and will be investigated then this area might not be green area anymore.Who will know?we have to continue observing.



In conclusion,Bangkok seem to be developed in linear system which is happened in the same time. Expanding  center and developing area on economic growth.Slums may be the problem meanwhiles as a propulsive to developed country.Coexist urban and closed area is the sustainable way,growing together. However, just because growth can theoretically occur with increased productivity ,development, doesn’t mean eliminate all the problem in that area.

















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