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The Designer’s Remedy to combat the Negative Effects of Massification

economics of sustainability Hashem Joucka

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Impact of Transportation on Regional Social and Economica Connectivity

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São Paulo Bicycle Lanes: Union between private and public Sector

It is a common understanding today that the public transport needs to be the majority of the kinds of transportation in a city. In a first moment a metro line or the renewal of an old infrastructure of public buses may appear expensive, but through the long therm, they represent a lower impact on the [...]

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Agglomeration Economics

“If you would see how interwoven it is in the warp and woof of civilization… go at night-fall to the top of one of the down-town steel giants and you may see how in the image of material man, at once his glory and his menace, is the thing we call a city. There beneath [...]

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