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Contouring Energy Flow [g8]

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IS.2 G2/ Torre Baró – Energy District // MID TERM PRESENTATIONS

Today we had the Introductory Studio G2 Mid Term Presentations. The Studio led by Edouard Cabay, assisted by Rodrigo Aguirre, investigates form finding as a tool to develop landscape into a productive one. How can form follow energy and production? The Studio site is that of Torre Baró, developed in the framework of a competition, [...]

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Peripatetic Concatenation (G1 – Aeroponics / Mobility) – Midterm

Following our basic analysis of polycarbonate/methacrylate when subjected to heat we manufactured a wide range of a single type of component. Fitting them together to create our large prototype. Intended as a 1:1 scaleless study model it will inform our decision on the relationships possible with the growth system (continued further down, ‘A’). Having tested [...]

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G5 Midterm Presentation

Our explorations started with this first experiment, which is made from tape: We decided to continue our exploration of this typology of material, which is notable for its continuity and its bending properties. As we played around with different configurations of the ribbon, we discovered emergent properties, such as its ability to stretch. Inspired by [...]

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G4- Aeroponic Propagation and Shaping.

Propagation is a method for developing «Horticultural Clones» using two techniques:Grafting and Budding. This enforces better adaptation qualities, vegetation renewal and correct damaged specimens. While Shaping is altering the structures of trees for asthetics and function. This is acheived by manipulating the roots to adapt to a design. Combining Propagation and Shaping would increase crop [...]

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