Programming is nowadays a tool for creation available to everyone. Its use is very diverse, it ranges from creating interactive products to generative graphics, it all depends on the project needs. Learning to program is learning the language that allows humans to communicate with computers and take advantage of their full potential.

Contemporary object-oriented programming (OOP) languages share a similar logic and structure. Once the basics of programming are mastered, we can choose and use the most appropriate technologies for our projects.

Processing is a open-source programming language (and code editor), designed to create visual and interactive applications in a very quick and easy way. Processing is the ideal environment for learning the basics of programming because its language is very simplified, avoiding repetitive configurations, and it doesn’t require previous technical knowledge. Just plug and play!

This course of “Programming Fundamentals” is conceived as a theoretical and practical journey along the basic elements of a programming language and the process of creating interactive applications.


Programming Fundamentals is a 30 hours subject for IAAC‘s Master in Advance Interaction.
Teacher: Cristobal Castilla from Aer Studio
Students: Bert Balcaen, Nazaret Cano Megias, Lucas De Sordi, Habib Furqan, Antanaityte Gerda, Martin Lukac, Elamrawy Moushira and Rafael Vargas Correa.