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The aim of this exercise was to use computer vision. Computer vision is a complete field in itself. It has the power to take information from images or videos by complex methods of pixel analysis and etc. It has produced works ranging from art like display to automated robots. The xbox kinetic is an application of computer vision.

So my idea was to use computer vision to draw and trace the motion of a wheels on a canvas. I was already doing an exercise in fabrication class, to use laser cutter and make various wheels, and then look at their motion. So my intention was to capture the motion of these wheels and draw it by using a computer vision sketch in processing . Below are few ideas that i sketched to see how the drawing should look like.

Lucky i come across an sketch in open processing (link) that tracks a specific selected color from camera input.

color selecting from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

Now all i needed to do is to modify the code so that it tracks and it draws at the same time and does it according to required display.

video 1 from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

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on computer vision-paik-times-five-by-flightphase

I Really like the concept to turning a solid wall into something more then it is. In this case the wall is an interactive canvas on which you use your body to create or animate a random objects.

For more info here is the link

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Sounds of Journey

The idea is simple to translate the journey of a person into a continuous stimulation of moods and emotion. Sounds the resultant of this stimulation is produced by changing speed, direction,relative distance to A & B and the compass “look direction” to produce a multitrack “song” that with time, the user can play with it’s composition.

This is done by using an app called antimap, which captures your position, speed, direction to the compass, while you are rooming in the city. Processing is use to make a sketch which uses these data and translates it into into a visual & sound experiences. So you not only see put also hear his or her journey.

So with a this basic concept we went to drawing board and started sketching how the display would look like and what kind of environment the object would be. The object is just a representation of a persons journey.

So We (Lucas De Sordi & me) found a somehow similar sketch in open processing website (link here). We used this sketch as a reference for our idea because it uses the potions of mouse to produce a certain kind of sound. we liked the idea of a certain kind of sound.

We first made a sketch that visualizes the movement of mouse to produce sound. This was to test the variation and range of sounds that can be produced. Later this movement of mouse would be replaced be the movement of humans in the city.

Untitled from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

In next step (major coding) the data from antimap, the visual display and the production of sound. All these happen written into a simple code. Here are a few screen shots.

Screen Shots

Since the sketch would not upload to the blog with its data (for now). we made a video.

final from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

ok from start we wanted to have a more zen like peaceful melodies sounds, Since the example for the sound was not the right example it was hard for u the change it at this moment, secondly the sound was going to be produced by the direction of once head and this event would also be shown on the display.

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The Moving Point and Line

The aim of this exercise was to take an existing code, which was a black background on which a point danced around the while leaving its teases.

We had to convert this dancing single point into a dancing single line. I added a red to blue & blue to red gradient to it.To make it more interesting.

Code Given

Code Modified

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Using Loop

The aim of second Exercise was to use an Iteration function.
An Iteration function is a function which keeps on repeating as long a statement is correct. There are two types of iteration functions “for” & “while”. (

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