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on computer vision-paik-times-five-by-flightphase

I Really like the concept to turning a solid wall into something more then it is. In this case the wall is an interactive canvas on which you use your body to create or animate a random objects.

For more info here is the link

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On Computer Vision, body manipulation of digital media.

When looking for examples of  computer vision projects I found out of the importance of the human body and the performance it will have interacting with digital media. While computer vision deals greatly with recognizing ‘objects’, the identification of human body could have very interesting applications. For instance, this installation called ‘body paint’ is designed to work with any number of people and is scalable to cover small or large areas. The interaction is very simple – movement creates paint. Hidden in the simplicity, are many layers of subtle details. Different aspects of the motion – size, speed, acceleration, curvature, distance all have an effect on the outcome – strokes, splashes, drips, spirals – and is left up to the users to play and discover.

“Body Paint” performance at “Clicks or Mortar”, March 2009 from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

On the other hand there is this very simple and fun project called ‘Body Swap’. This installation transforms your body movements into control of another person. Dance around, jump in the air, do anything you like to make them look silly.
Two people stand in front of the screen, are captured by the camera and turned into paper cut-out versions of themselves. The images are then swapped, so that you each take control of the other. The aesthetic is of a low polygon 90′s video game. Music plays and prompts you to act out to the audience and each other.

Body Swap from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

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Audience – reference installation

After our first ‘Computer Vision’ class, looking for tracking applications I found this simple and nice installation.

Audience –

Audience – rAndom International from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

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computer vision. Soak, Dye in light

“Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) is an empty canvas but when you touch it, its elastic surface stretches and gets suffused with projected vivid colors mimicking fabric absorbing dye. Poking and rubbing with hands or resting their body on this spandex canvas allows visitors to soak this canvas in virtual dye and create own patterns.

SOAK from on Vimeo.

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Computer Vision / Interstitial Fragment Processor

A synaesthetic realization of the latent mass within negative spaces, the Interstitial Fragment Processor collects and drops the contoured shapes formed within and between the bodies of its participants. Elastic red and blue animated objects plummet toward the gallery floor, producing audiovisual improvisations on vertical descent and collision.

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