Intelligence, disabilities and health.

Applications, benefits and relations between: 1/Intelligence,
2/Disabilities and 3/Health.

Smart citizen platform/system could convert in a way of relevant
information. It could improve the quality of life as well as the citizen

1/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for police and
intelligence services.
It could convert in a special data capture
for solving criminal acts and robberies. In this sense, smart
citizen platform could become in an accurate tool. It could
inform about temperature changes, moisture changes or light

2/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for people with
A symbolic examples could be: A person with a
visual disabilities could Know the weather in your neighborhood
using the smart citizen platform.
Somebody with an olfactory handicap could not detect some
strange smell as well as a strange situation. The fire smell could
be detected by the smart citizen sensors. In this way, it would
be a skillful informative tool for people with disabilities.

3/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for nurses and
They could know the moisture, temperature and other
city-life concepts. Then nurses and doctors could advise about
life habits, life behaviour or adequate travels.

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