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Today we ad the pleasure of Hosting the Open Thesis Fabrication Final Presentations to an international jury consisting in Silvia Bures (agricultural engineer), Joan García (GEMMA UPC), Tomasz Jaskiewicz (TU Delft), Manuel Kretzer (ETH Zurich), Mitchell Joachim (Terreform NY), Alex Sasplugas (CRICURSA), Toni Cumella (CUMELLA CERAMICA), Josep Mª Serra (SATA&COLE), Gemma Pagès (BREINCO), Jordi Ribatallada (ASCAMM), Mònica López (SNABOGADOS), Ignasi Espiell (VOLARTPONS), as well as the IAAC [...]

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OTF Projects: Sunscreen

¨Sunscreen¨ Sunscreen is a passive solar display system intended for a wide range of architectural applications. The system can be programmed to relay messages or animations depending on the location of the light source (either the sun or artificial lights). To realize Sunscreen, I collaborated with Kuka, using one of their six-axis robotic arms tofabricate [...]

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OTF Projects: PNEUMorphosys 0.2

PNEUmorphosys 2.0 is a CNC formwork system based on the use of pneumatic force. Different air pressure is applied individually to a series of elastic pockets that shape an elastic membrane inside of which the material is poured. As opposed to traditional formwork, that produces a great amount of waste (each shape = new mould), [...]

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OTF Projects: WallSystem

Wall System This project is an investigation on similar units structures by strategically inserting edges. The materiality and performance of the assembly which is suggested by this combination is tested with a prototype.  Trying to optimize for manual assembly,I tried to approximate the randomly defined surfaces so that I will be able to use linear segments to [...]

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OTF Projects: Bloon

Bloon The research project for OpenThesis Fabrication 2010 is a collaboration between IAAC and Barcelona based space tourism company, Zero 2 Infinity.Their project, Bloon is a capsule that will travel to near space giving travellers the experience to view our planet in the most unique way. The four hour flight begins with a one hour ascent using an [...]

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