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[BCS] Bio Ceramic System


[BCS] Bio Ceramic System This research describes a studio experiment developed by Iker Luna, under Luis Fraguada, inside the Open Thesis Fabrication program, in the research line of Smart Urban Elements. The project aims of exploring the bio receptivity of ceramics taking advantage of the porosity of the material that allows it to retain water [...]

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OTF_Lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property

Today at IAAC the OTF Researchers followed a lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property & Unfair Competition, given by Ignasi Espiell, Santiago Nadal, and Mònica López, vibrant young and experienced lawyers from Volartpons and SNAbogados. This lecture gave the OTF Researchers the opportunity to understand and fully grasp the potentials, limits, the path to be undertaken, and possible problematics that can be encountered regarding Patenting, Industrial Design, [...]

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Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited SANTA&COLE. For 28 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focusing on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture. Santa&Cole generate elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements (living matter) and books [...]

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Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited BREINCO. Breinco is a Catalan company dedicated to the production urban elements and urban furniture using concrete. Its phylosophy is oriented to define a new generation of products which are set to improve our surroundings thanks to their sustainability, while constantly striving for eco-efficiency in the manufacture of products, using recycled materials and [...]

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Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited CRICURSA. CRICURSA was founded in 1928 with the intention of bringing form, material and processing into high technology glass bending, in order to explore the possibilities of bent glass as a decorative element. After more than 8o years of experience, now offers architectural glass, curved and flat interior and exterior glass, and is [...]

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