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Monday 19th of January // Open Thesis Fabrication // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

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OTF 5.0 // Mid Term

  Today the Open Thesis Fabrication 5.0 gave their Mid term review, with an internal IAAC jury, as well as representatives from the collaborative companies, in particular Claudia Roselló, Santa&Cole, and Toni Cumella, Ceràmica Cumella. The OTF program pushes the development of a specific research agenda in the field of digital design and fabrication, in [...]

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OTF 5.0 // Visits to CRICURSA and BRIENCO

Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited CRICURSA with Joan Tarrus and  BREINCO with Gemma Pagès. CRICURSA was founded in 1928 with the intention of bringing form, material and processing into high technology glass bending, in order to explore the possibilities of bent glass as a decorative element. After more than 8o years of experience, now offers architectural glass, curved and flat interior [...]

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PYLOS /// Sofoklis Giannakopoulos

PYLOS /// by Sofoklis Giannakopoulos in collaboration with Enrico Dini (d-shape) and Slow Life This abstract portrays the development of a research project with the final objective of designing and fabricating a large scale 3D Printer using natural clay as the printing material. The project focuses on the difficulties of the concept itself, that needs [...]

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Today the OTF 5.0 Researchers went to visit Ceràmica Cumella and Santa&Cole, check it out! Ceràmica Cumella The family workshop CERÀMICA CUMELLA, founded in 1880 in Granollers (Barcelona), originally devoted to the manufacturing of traditional ceramics and pottery for daily use, has finally become the central core of an intense public and professional activity. Ceràmica Cumella has [...]

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OTF – Review

This evening the OTF Researchers reviewed their project elaborations and prototypes, insode the research lines of Intelligent Building Constructions and Smart Urban Elements. Advisors of both research lines were present, consisting in Areti Markopoulou, Marc Viader, Silvia Brandi, Victor Iribas and Luis Fraguada, as well as Breinco Executive Director Joan Balagué, and IAAC Faculty Alexandre [...]

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OTF Desk Crit with George Jeronimidis

Today the IAAC OTF researchers had the pleasure of a desk crit with Prof. Jeronimidis, checking the development of their projects and helping them with his critics. During the presentations, the researchers discussed their proposals and how these could be further elaborated.

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OTF_Presentation to the Partner Companies

Today the IAAC OTF researchers presented their research proposals to the partner companies (KUKA, CRICURSA, SANTA&COLE, DUPONT, STORA ENSO, BREINCO and CERAMICA CUMELLA), as well as the research line advisors, to discuss the next possible steps towards the development of their experimental prototypes. 9 projects, presented by 10 OTF researchers, in total were presented inside the research lines of INTELLIGENT BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS, and SMART URBAN [...]

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OTF_Lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property

Today at IAAC the OTF Researchers followed a lecture on Intellectual and Industrial Property & Unfair Competition, given by Ignasi Espiell, Santiago Nadal, and Mònica López, vibrant young and experienced lawyers from Volartpons and SNAbogados. This lecture gave the OTF Researchers the opportunity to understand and fully grasp the potentials, limits, the path to be undertaken, and possible problematics that can be encountered regarding Patenting, Industrial Design, [...]

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Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited SANTA&COLE. For 28 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focusing on everyday objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture. Santa&Cole generate elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements (living matter) and books [...]

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