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Team 6

Miguel Guerrero Piñar(Spain)
Chryssa Karakana (Greece)
Ana Carolina Libardi Moreira (Brazil)
Anastasia Pistofidou (Greece)

Generative Design

The aim of the processing with Thiago Mundim we managed to simulate the sand`s behavior. The definition resulted in the visualization of a

nozzle collecting sand particles from a point and a second nozzle  depositing them in another point.

Also in a bigger scale it was necessary to simulate the movement of a double nozzle autonomous machine to define its possible trajectory so that

it never steps on what it did. The coordinates of the movement and the deposition points are exported to a txt format available to be used by the

milling machine. The green circles are the piles of sand and the red, the holes (negative) created to the points from which the sand is collected.

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Areana_Material and Machinic Matters

Material Matters

Influenced by an autonomous-deposition machine we started speculating about a mechanic fabrication on-site using the site`s material (sand).

The task of the machine is to re-arrange the existing surfaces by collecting from one node and depositing from the other, piling sand. Once the

surface is arranged glue is poured on strategic points of this surface. The choice of the points (coordinates) are yet to be discussed as it is an important

parameter of our fabrication process.

Trying to deal first with the deposition issues we hacked the milling machine (shopbot) to simulate in small scale the movement of an autonomous

machine. We simulated the movement of a double nozzle machine with a processing definition, extracted the movement`s coordinates and sent it to

the shopbot.

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