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Hacking Devices

This intensive workshop will be focused on the creation of a custom 3-axis CNC device combining motors, gears and mechanisms from obsolete electronic devices such as printers, plotters or scanners with the open source electronics platform Arduino and control software developed in Processing interfacing with Firefly-Grasshoper-Rhino. The aim will be to introduce tools, techniques and algorithms for the design of a complete workflow: from digital geometry to G-code to motor actuation. Alternative input devices and sensors to provide feedback and stimuli for interaction with the environment will also be introduced. At the end of the workshop students will demonstrate a full-operating device able to perform material transformation (cutting, weaving, melting, punching, drawing, drilling, molding, etc) on a given material based on a predefined design or on real-time sensorial data.

Hacking Devices – Trimbot

Hacking devices
Team :  Morten Bulow ,Mohamad Ghamlouch ,  Marko Vukovic
Academic staff: Marta Male-Alemany, Victor Viña, Brian Peters
The project was part of the IAAC workshop “Hacking Devices”  with Victor Viña .The basic task was to hack  into existing technologies and re-define it  for a different use . We decided to dismantle  a printer and mount it on a wood axis ,as well as adding a light sensor to it , thus transforming it into a light mapper .
Checkout the Trimbot in Action or the pdf presentation of the workshop project.
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Recycled FaBric(k) – Hacking Devices

Arduino Controlled Rotating Saw Video

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Hacking Devices – digital tectonics

student team: Martin Firera, Julian Hildebrand, Ohad Meyuhas, Jordi Portell

teaching staff: Marta Male-Alemany, Victor Viña, Brian Peters

the “light detector” is the outcome of the workshop in digital tectonics  2011 at Iaac . By taking apart a basic printer and reusing its motors in combination with some laser cut MDF parts and a microcontroller we finally succeeded in transforming the old printer into a light mapping device which could both map light intensity and localize areas of equal light intensities in a radial diagram.

for further information please download our “hacking devices” pdf

to see the “light detector” in action, please click here

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Color Detector Machine

MAA 2010-11
Digital Tectonics
Marta Male Alemany, Victor Vina, Brian Peters
Students: Ayber Gülfer_Antonio Atripaldi_Mani Khosrovani_Andrés Briceño Gutiérrez
Our first thought was how to use the movement as a source of information and interaction with a machine.
We decided to use a color as a source of interaction and real data creating an image of this stimulus on a physical result.
The idea was to hack a printer and a CD writer to achieve 3 axis of movement.

Basically, the machine works with 4 main steps: IMPUT_color stimulus,  CAMERA-Screen_to identify the movement, PROCESS the information and RESPONSE on a physical result. This physical result was an expression of the movement stimulus with allows us to use this machine to create different patterns of expression.


Digital Tectonics_Color Detector Machine VIDEO

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hacking devices

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