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Willy Müller is currently the Director of Barcelona Regional.  He graduated as an architect (1984) in Argentina and pursued doctoral studies at ETSAB-UPB (1986/88). He is a co-funder of the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalunya (IAAC) in 2000, becoming its Development Manager in 2004. He established his own office in Barcelona WMA, Willy Müller Architects in 1996, a recognized architectural firm achieving several international awards in competitions as well as with built projects, featuring his work in numerous exhibitions. He is the co-author of several books, including Sociópolis, Media House Project, the Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture, and the Self-sufficient Housing.
“Müller himself is a professional of proposals, not only for buildings, but also as concepts. He has been a strong voice for putting the architecture in the center of the debate. He has had no fear of exposing his ideas personally, and has worked to promote a joint of creativity to discuss all the extension that the architecture can be inserted nowadays. His intentions are clearly to go beyond the physical world and explore also the possibilities of interaction with the social area, the new technologies and with nature.”(Jaime Lerer,President of International Union of Architects).

Maite Bravo, obtained the degree of architect with honors at the University of Chile; a Master of Advanced Architecture at IAAC; and also a Master in ‘Theory and Practice of Architectural Design’ at UPC. She is currently a PHD ‘European Doctor’ candidate at UPC (Architectural Design Department), studying under the co-direction of Prof. Hovestadt (ETH Zurich), focusing on new design methodologies and concepts emerging from Parametric Digital Design and its immersion into architectural praxis.Her teaching experience includes the University of Chile, BCIT, and IAAC since 2008. She was a lecturer at the First Parametric Design Seminar at HTWK Leipzig, the Festival of Architecture of Canada, and several Universities in Chile. She has over 10 years of experience practicing as an associate architect with GBL architects in Canada, later establishing her own firm.

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