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Unexpected Ugly Mutation is a New Start…

This essay is a notional approach to define the emergence of the mutated entities, It’s an approach to understand the impact of time on the genesis of matter. The materialization of complex  compositions in the natural and social systems. The composed layers of spontaneous selection occurred on the living organisms and living contexts. If we conceive time as real parameter in morphogenesis, how it can change the genesis of forms (design approaches)? What make a singular object emerge in time? And where these entities come from? What it’s relation to matter? An attempt in this paper to observe  time flow effect on matter and its milieu and to approach this architectural mystery.

This study aim is to define the characteristics of the mutation event and to search for its incarnation in contemporary architectural models. The emergence of self organization environments is an explicit paradigm of singular morphogenesis. Also a further study to refugee camps can proof the pregnancy of possibilities and virtual which can be actualized in time.

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