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Digital morphogenesis in architecture: A toolbox for change

Architecture like art has followed throughout history a movement, a theoretical basis that had been dictating aesthetic and functionality guidelines to be followed, exploring different approaches to function and form, finding diverse solutions to the same problem, the built environment; independent to the use of the building these guidelines have been followed in order to fit a scheme of progress revolving economic, political, and social issues.

Nowadays, we have come to a time where aesthetics have been explored, but more importantly we need to focus on function, not as a movement, but as a global need of understanding that we have limited resources and architecture should directly respond to these needs prior to any other matter. Preserving and regenerating, using every resource in the most responsible manner that is possible with the help of a new set of tools and technology available to us, architecture should now respond to guidelines based merely on the environmental impact, the effect it has con society, and its role in shaping the city, today we find available a new toolbox, a new form of understanding, solving, visualizing that can help us achieve this responsible usage.

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