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Smart Cities to Smart Indian Villages

India being a developing country is growing economically at a rapid pace. This growth is manly
seen in Urban India, but majority of the people in rural India still have to struggle for their basic needs.
Due to the lack of economic gain in villages people are migrating to big cities in hope for a better
future, but ultimately not being skilled these people have to live a hard life in the cities
and tend to get involved in criminal activities increasing the crime rate of the cities. Intersate
and cross-state migrations are effecting the growth of the cities and of the country.
Poor planning strategies have led to a large amount of resources being wasted on
infrastructure that is not actually helping the villages. Most of the time is spent on
assumptions and planning wrong things at the wrong place e.g. setting up a school in a
region least accessible for the villages.
The aim of the paper is to see the techniques implemented in smart cities like real time
data collection, data management, optimization of resources, using the technology in
connecting the people together and providing data so that the city behaves and functions
like one body. Using such strategies in context with the rural environment and to observe
if such strategies make a difference, as the success of these strategies would not only
affect the villages but affect the country as a whole.
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