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A2. Track Yourself . Taruni Aggarwal + Roopa Sharma

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ANALYSIS OF DATA AND GEOLOCATION Life and social environment is a dynamic force. It is an inspiration for understanding and working in different areas of architecture. This parametric field is not a static entity but a new vision that is in a constantly fluxing state of spatial relations via dynamic environmental forces. In this experiment [...]

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Geolocated – Stalking Yourself – Miguel Oliveira + Marjan Jelveh

Everymorning we wake up and go to work or to school. What is the average speed a person achieves during that route, and how is it affected by obstacles or distractions such as traffic or beautiful visions… Data was obtained from myTrack app for Android on a smartphone. The app registered via gps the position [...]

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[Designing Associativity] Marisa Charusilawong – A.2

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[Designing Associativity] Gonzales Gabriela, Venkata Kasi, Chamma Nasr – A.2

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