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A.3 Design Well Travelled – Multi-objective Optimization

1. PROBLEM STATEMENT 1. Establish a Physical and Visual Link between Park – Site – Sea 2. Build a Covered Market based on a roof surface 3. Turn the building into a Power Plant using PV panels 2. DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION Once the design constraints regarding the direction of the building were established, the open [...]

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Geolocated – Stalking Yourself – Miguel Oliveira + Marjan Jelveh

Everymorning we wake up and go to work or to school. What is the average speed a person achieves during that route, and how is it affected by obstacles or distractions such as traffic or beautiful visions… Data was obtained from myTrack app for Android on a smartphone. The app registered via gps the position [...]

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Datascape – House Cost/m2/City

Suppose you want to buy a house in Spain. First you would look at the prices per square meter of each major city and compare them. The objective of an analysis tool to make that process easier would be to establish a visual link between that cost per m2 and the geographic position of each major city. 0. BACKGROUND Looking into [...]

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